About David

I have always been interested in games and game mechanics.

Writer, Designer, Creative Guru. World Traveler. Lover of Games.

Narrative designer, world builder, game designer, and writer – committed to creating fun games to broaden their appeal to serve the widest possible audience. Proven collaborative experience in: designing unique game systems, character development and dialogue writing, narrative design, level design, quest design, game documentation

In 2016, I successfully launched my own book series on Kickstarter. Done in the “Choose-Your-Own-Adventure” style, The Castle of Blackwood Moors (ISBN-10: 1535373644) is available now on Amazon. The gamebook spans 120,000 words and 535 pages with unique mechanics that blends traditional pen and paper RPGs with narrative interaction. Ask me for an excerpt of the world building and mechanics I designed for the series!

Past Experiences

Creative Director/Narrative Designer
(June 2019 to Present)
Beijing, China

• Writing the main story line for Eternity
• Responsible for the overall concept and vision of the project.
• Determined the look and feel of the Factions, Aliens, Space Ships and Maps.

Narrative Designer
(August 2018 to April 2019)
Beijing/San Francisco

• Wrote the main story line for the game, Wheels of War (Name could change).
• Created plot lines for the game Guns of Glory..
• Organized Excel spreadsheets for all the data (Heroes, Rewards, Story lines) for Guns of Glory.

Lead Writer
Zeus Interactive
(April 2017 to May 2018)
Beijing, China

• Writer and creator of the main story of the game, as well as creating a novel based on this main story line.
• Designed the three playable races along with the NPC races and the two major villain races.
• Created and drew the world map so it would work with the novel and the game.   

Game Designer/ Star Wars: Legends
Digital Sky
(Oct 2014 to Aug 2016)
Chengdu, China

• Designed and wrote story lines, characters, levels, skills and equipment for Star Wars: Legend project, Cosmic War Age and Her Dragon Knight.
• Managed IP relationship between Disney and the Digital Sky team for Star Wars: Legends by communicating expectations and restrictions for IP usage.

Game Designer for Legend Online Mobile
Oasis Games
(Apr 2013 to Oct 2014)
Beijing, China
• Wrote branching dialogue for the English version.
• Wrote detailed quests and plot elements that would appeal to a western market.

Lead Designer
Gamewave Interactive Technology Co., Ltd
(Aug 2011 to Jan 2013)
• Lead the team of three designers that were responsible for the creation and successful development of gameplay for the project: Blood of Glory.
• Designed the overall mechanics for Blood of Glory and Call of Thrones.
• Defined story, missions and gameplay mechanics to determine balance and fun factor.